Thursday, 7 July 2011

Interview:Nigel Lewis ნაიჯელ


Nigel Lewis is the "God Father" of Psychobilly and the Father of me! He has always been a cult, underground artist and found fame on the London scene, his acclaim has travelled around most of the world, he has toured around France, Spain, Germany, America and Brazil amongst other places. Do not be fooled by the name Psychobilly, people are often duped by the title into thinking that it is horror or psychotic.  To be psycho is to be thinking about just oneself and to be self-centred.(so nearly everyone could be described as psycho!) Psychobilly is based on Rockabilly... what was meant by the name was that rather than try to be a 50's rockabilly like Jody Reynolds bring something  of yourself to the music to make it current.


How did you first get into music?  
I was always into music, and i always particularly liked country and Rock and Roll. When i was eight my Mum and Dad were having a party and i heard a record through the walls which i later found out was Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, I remember liking the beat. I also liked Buddy Holly and thought that if you could put the two styles together it would be really good. When i was 14 i went to the London Lyceum for a 50's Rock and Roll gig, i was expecting to hear Bill Hayley, Chuck Berry etc. but the DJ was playing Rockabilly which i had never heard before but somehow knew i had always liked.

What advice would you give to anybody starting out?
The main advice I would give to anybody starting out in music is to get good business management.

What was the highlight of your career?
Was probably touring with The Cramps in 1981 because they were my favourite band at the time and it was like touring with your hero. Also it was a time when all the possibilities were still there, before cynicism, disappointment and the likes set in.

What is the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
*Laughs*There was a certain drummer, I wont name his name, who, lets say, lost control of his body!  we had to play the full set...luckily for him he was wearing leather trousers! We got on the the boat and he hung them out of the window...he was then foolish enough to come and tell everyone!

What Have you been up to recently? 
I've Just got back from Brazil, we had a very interesting journey, the journey actually took longer than the time we were there but we had a great time eating steaks  and playing with Loretta Lynn...the dog! We had a great gig.

The phone on which i recorded the interview ran out o battery so i'l just give you the gist of what he said next!

At the end of this year The Tall Boys will be reforming in Antwerp after 13 years since the last time they reformed! 

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Rockabilly hair on the runway at Bottega Veneta
Could this be             Moschino Menswear 2010     Jody Reynolds
modern day Rockabilly?
Bottega Veneta Menswear 2010                          

  The Tall Boys album cover                  The Meteors   

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